A Night of Luxury

There are dozens of gatwick acmmodartionf  facilities, ranging from a basic room for those catching an early flight the next morning to luxury properties offering all the amenities you might need, for example gatwick restaurants.

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What Is a Luxury Hotel?

In the UK, as in other areas of the world, a system of stars tells you what sort of amenities and facilities a hotel has, as well as an idea of the room cost. You can assume a 5 star hotel has such facilities as 24 hour room service, an excellent restaurant on site, and perhaps concierge service and free parking. However, different people may have different ideas of what means luxury; to some it may be the large bed and comfy sheets, while to others it may be a mini bar, the large walk in bath and shower, or simply the furnishings in the room. A 1 star hotel may have room service and an en suite shower or bathroom, but may have basic furnishings and you probably shouldn't expect the most comfortable and luxurious bed. 

Service Makes All the Difference

However, it isn't just the amenities and facilities that make a hotel a luxury hotel. For many people, it's the high level of service that comes with the cost of the room, and most people understandably expect the staff at an expensive or 5 star hotel to be helpful, professional, and courteous. Many of the world's best hotels pride themselves on the level of service provided by their staff, not only remembering the names of their regular guests, but remembering what they like to drink, the preferred temperature of their room, and how they want their furniture arranged. And many 1 and 2 star hotels are often just as comfortable and as inviting as more expensive hotels; in fact, arguably it's the personal touch at some smaller places with just a few rooms that makes all the difference. 

Why Stay In a Luxury Hotel?

Of course, if you have the money to do so, why wouldn't you stay in the best hotel? Many travelers who routinely stay in 5 star hotels are on company expense accounts; for most of us, a perfectly adequate 2 or 3 star hotel will suffice most of the time. However, it is nice to treat yourself to a luxurious or oversized hotel room once in a while, whether it's to celebrate an anniversary, other milestone or just to impress that special someone.